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Dear Emily,
It may still be winter, but Spring and Passover are rapidly approaching, and with it warm weather and sunshine.  We are excited to share our new books, Passover Haggadahs, and JBI’s best kept secret.
BOOKS and More BOOKS!:  We hope to bring some warmth and smiles to you by letting you know about our wonderful new recorded adult and children’s books— the entire list is included in our website catalog.   

Some will make you laugh, some will deepen your Jewish knowledge, some you can read with your grandchildren, and all will delight. 


The Book of Norman by Allan Appel: 
a probing analysis of Mormon-Jewish relationships with humor.
Theodor Herzl: The Charismatic Leader by Derek Pensler: 
a masterful biography by an eminent historian of Zionism.
Jewish Justices of the Supreme Court by David Dalin:
an examination of the lives, legal careers, and legacies of the 8 Jewish Justices past and present.
And two children’s books:


Shani’s Shoebox by Rinat Hoffer,
a clever and original story that will also teach children about different festival celebrations.

In the Market of Zakrobat by Ori Elon,
a humorous retelling of a classic fable about a miser’s comeuppance that celebrates the joys of Shabbat.

PURIM:  Megillat Esther—the Scroll of Esther, is read on Purim.  We have free Large Print and Braille copies in English and Hebrew, as well as Large Print Russian.  If you need one, e-mail us now to make sure it arrives in time.
PASSOVER:  We want to make sure that all members of the community who are blind, visually impaired or print disabled can fully participate in the Passover Seder using a FREE Large Print or Braille Haggadah from JBI.  We offer a variety of editions—new this year, in accessible formats, are Mishkan HaSeder from the CCAR Press, the PJ Library Haggadah (including an audio version for those who want to study the text and the singing ahead of time), and a new Chabad Haggadah.

To learn more or request a free Large Print or Braille Haggadah, please call JBI at 1-800-999-6476 before March 24th, or visit

(See the end of this letter for how to order standard print copies for the rest of your family.)
News, Entertainment, Culture, and More:  Some of you know one of JBI’s best kept secrets—JBI Voices, our bi-monthly compilation of articles from a slew of newspapers and magazines that we select for your enjoyment.  We also include a cultural program, such as a concert or lecture, in each issue.   It is available in Digital Talking Book format in English and Russian and in Braille.  If you haven’t signed up yet, you can go onto our website and listen to a short teaser. Call or email to request JBI Voices.  If you currently receive JBI Voices or the Braille Review, we welcome your feedback about our selections. 
JBI wishes you a sweet beginning of Spring and a zissen Pesach.

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Livia Thompson

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Call us at: 212-889-2525 or 800-433-1531 (for Haggadahs, call 800-999-6476)

Email: Livia Thompson, President, at Lthompson@jbilibrary.org 
Email: Arlene Arfe, Librarian, at Aarfe@jbilibrary.org

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PS:  For standard print editions of the Haggadahs mentioned above:
The standard edition of Mishkan HaSeder: A Passover Haggadah 
including full-color art by Tobi Kahn, is available from CCAR Press.  
For the PJ Library family Haggadah, go to: https://pjlibrary.org/haggadah

The Chabad Haggadah can be ordered at: 

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(established in 1931 as the Jewish Braille Institute)
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