Tyler, age 14, reading from his Braille Haggadah Rochelle, who lost her vision later in life, enjoys JBI Talking Books A young child named Lotem is able to see the printed page thanks to customized lenses created by the team at the JBI Low Vision Clinic in Tel Aviv
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By supporting JBI you help provide a life-changing service to adults and children who are blind or visually impaired. It is only because of friends like you that JBI can provide free Braille, Audio and Large Print materials to so many who need our help to stay connected to Jewish life.

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Thank you for supporting JBI with your online gift of $. Your generous contribution will be put to immediate good use on behalf of the blind, visually impaired and reading disabled – through books, magazines and special publications in Braille, Large Print and Audio.

Your commitment will help us every day to enrich the individual lives and sustain the Jewish spirit of those who, as a result of visual impairment, might otherwise be excluded from educational, cultural and communal life. We–and they–are deeply grateful for your support.


Dr. Ellen Isler
President and CEO

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