Tyler, age 14, reading from his Braille Haggadah Rochelle, who lost her vision later in life, enjoys JBI Talking Books A young child named Lotem is able to see the printed page thanks to customized lenses created by the team at the JBI Low Vision Clinic in Tel Aviv


Judy E. Tenney, Co-Chairman of the Board
Steven Polivy, Co-Chairman of the Board
Dr. Ellen Isler, President and CEO
Israel A. Taub, Vice President and CFO

Thomas G. Kahn, Vice Chairman
Susan L. Schlechter, Vice Chairman
Stephen D. Solender, Vice Chairman
Norman Sturner, Vice Chairman

Frances Brandt, Treasurer
Ellen David, Assistant Treasurer
Myron Kaplan, Secretary
Paul R. Herman, Assistant Secretary


Barbara B. Friedman, Honorary Chairman of the Board
Leroy Fadem, Honorary Vice Chairman

Gerald M. Kass*, Executive Vice President Emeritus


Barbara B. Friedman
Selma Shavitz*
Dr. Jane Evans*
Mrs. David M. Levitt


Leopold Dubov*

* Deceased


Mark J. Altschuler
Frances Brandt
Ellen David
Leroy Fadem**
Barbara B. Friedman**
Frank Greenberg
Dr. Ellie Henkind Katz
Paul R. Herman
Hortense Hurwitz**
Thomas G. Kahn
Myron Kaplan, Esq.
Nancy I. Klein
Charles Kofman
Lori B. Lavine
Mrs. David M. Levitt**
Diane Lipman
Blair C. Marks
Steven P. Polivy
Ellen Y. Rosenberg
Florence Rubinstein
Barbara G. Saidel
Susan L. Schlechter
Arlene Simon
Stephen D. Solender
Dr. Jeffrey Spitzer
Norman Sturner
Judy E. Tenney

** Honorary Life Trustee


William K. Gross
Dov Kramer
Naomi Kronish
Benjamin F. Kursman
Stephen S. Kutner, M.D.
Phyllis Raskin-Hadley
Dr. Dennis Shulman
Harold I. Steinbach
Selma Weintraub
Ann Zukerman

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